Tailored Family Business Solutions

What We Offer

Our Tailored Family Business Solutions is a service that was born out of extensive involvement with family-owned companies. Over the years, we have observed the unique characteristics of family businesses. We have observed the challenges that exist in family run firms. And, we have observed the significant advantages that can exist when family members work as a united front. Ninox Group offers clients with family structures advice on a range of issues from operating as a collegial unit through to clear and effective succession planning.

What your business will gain

Family management teams that engage the Ninox Group are often relieved to have the ‘Ninox eyes’ acting as a third party within their organisation. Our clear and unbiased advice always seeks to develop strategies and pathways that enable your business to reach your greatest potential.


Because of the complexities and often multifaceted nature of family structures, Ninox Group is typically engaged for more than 12 months as a third-party support to owner or management teams.

Why Choose Tailored Family Business Solutions?

It’s an avenue for familial expression and an opportunity to establish meaningful legacy for the future. An estimated $4.3 trillion in wealth held, 70 per cent of Australia’s actively trading businesses are family-owned and over the next decade, as Baby Boomers pass on their assets, more than $3 trillion will change hands in our Nation. But, its not always smooth sailing. Australian business owners with family succession plans are engaging the Ninox Group to help guide there decisions so that they can proceed confidently and profitably into the next generation.

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