Tailored Family Business Solutions

Through our extensive experience, we help family businesses overcome hurdles that can affect growth further down the line. When partnering with our business consulting firm, you’ll receive tailored solutions, emphasizing your family values.

Bernard O'Brien Scaling Up Coach Brisbane Australia

Having worked within his own personal family business, as well as alongside many other family businesses, The Ninox Group Managing Director, Bernard O’Brien, knows what it takes to successfully run a family owned business. We partner with family businesses in succession planning, conflict resolution and individual or family mentoring, offering advice and recommendations to align the business and family goals and aspirations.

Succession Planning

Conflict Resolution

Individual Mentoring

Family Mentoring

Having to make a range of major business decisions with the added complexity of family dynamics can be challenging. Partnering with The Ninox Group can help you overcome those challenges, and build longevity and sustainability in your business. Having an objective viewpoint and experienced guidance throughout the process from one of our dedicated professionals can ensure a smooth transition in your business.

We help you uncover and answer all of the key questions when running a family business, as well as offering you tailored advice, guidance and support throughout the process. With the right approach, and quality information and advice, The Ninox Group can help you plan for your family business with confidence.

Why Work With Us

We offer short and long-term engagement based on your needs, and use a range of tools such as DISC and Functionality Tests and Surveys. If you run a family business and are looking for support to help you align and accelerate your results, fill out the form below and we will follow up with a phone call to arrange a meeting.

Align the business and family goals and aspirations

Overcome challenges to build longevity and sustainability

Recieve an objective viewpoint and experienced guidance

Accelerate the growth of your business and Scale Up

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