Free Webinar “Leveraging SWOTT Analysis “

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the powerful combination of SWOTT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Trends), using the Scaling Up framework.

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, it is essential for organisations to have a comprehensive understanding of the internal and external factors that affect their business. SWOTT analysis provides a holistic approach by examining both internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities, threats, and emerging trends.

During this webinar, we will explore how SWOTT analysis acts as a strategic tool that helps organisations identify their competitive advantages, overcome challenges, and seize growth opportunities. We will demonstrate how SWOTT analysis can be seamlessly integrated into the Scaling Up framework, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

To provide a comprehensive view of the macro environment, we will also introduce the Trends. We will explore how analysing these external factors can help organisations adapt to changing industry landscapes, anticipate market shifts, and leverage new opportunities. By incorporating trends into SWOTT analysis, businesses gain valuable insights into the macro-environmental forces that impact their operations and long-term strategies.

This webinar is ideal for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and managers seeking actionable strategies to drive business growth. Whether you are a start-up looking to gain a competitive edge or an established organisation aiming to expand your market reach, this webinar will equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape.

Join us for an engaging session as we unlock the power of SWOTT. Gain valuable insights, develop a strategic mindset, and propel your business towards sustainable growth. Register now and secure your spot!



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