Your success as a business depends
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The Ninox Group is a dedicated team of professionals who have the proven capability to cover across all functions of a business. With a focus on:


“The foundations of scaling up a great company revolves around the people decision - having the right people on the bus” Jim Collins. Organisational health and alignment have become increasingly important in recent time. Being able to understand how people function in their environment and how they will make decisions gives leaders a way ton effectively choose the best people for positions.


We know and understand that it is vital for a company to have clarity in their Core Purpose (why the exist), Core Values (a handful of cultural rules that they will not compromise on) and Core Competencies (what you as a business does very well, and that give you a competitive advantage). But this is not about some words that have no meaning over time, we must determine some practical actions and areas to bring them to life.


The discipline of execution is best referenced to the Rockefeller Habits checklist. The value of this checklist is that it helps to remind you what you need to be doing an an ongoing basis. There are three execution disciplines: Priorities (alignment) Metrics / Data (clarity / foresight) Meeting rhythms (better / faster decisions).


The Cash Decision is about oxygen: having sufficient, perhaps abundant, cash to have options and make wise decisions. Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel growth?The question for the Leadership Team is “How do we find cash flow we did not know was there so we don’t have to live month to month or become overly dependant upon outside financing sources”.

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The Ninox Group is based on the Scaling Up principles, this is what these principles can do for you:

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