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Pro Plaster Products


Pro Plaster Products is a well-established company specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality plasterboard accessories and sundries. Over the years, the company has achieved considerable success in its industry, and as the company grew it became more evident that new structures needed to be put in place.

The two Directors, Perry Richardson and Bill Malone attended a Scaling Up Workshop after reading the book by Verne Harnish. Realising the need for expert guidance and a structured approach to implement their learnings and propel their business forward, they sought external support. 

Pro Plaster Products engaged The Ninox Group after meeting with one of their experienced consultants, Bernard, and began a comprehensive Scaling Up program designed to improve focus and accountability within their leadership team and the organisation as a whole.

Pro Plaster Products achieves substantial growth and enhanced accountability through a successful Scaling Up program, resulting in improved business performance and a culture focused on achieving objectives.

Objectives of the Program

The primary objectives of the Scaling Up program were three-fold:

Implementing Scaling-Up Methodology – Pro Plaster Products aimed to adopt a scaling-up methodology to facilitate sustainable growth and improve accountability throughout their business processes.

Identifying Areas for Improvement – Through the program, the company sought to identify critical areas within their operations that required enhancement to optimise overall business efficiency.

Achieving Measurable Results – The ultimate goal was to achieve tangible and quantifiable improvements in their bottom-line performance, which could be measured over time.

“Ninox has definitely made an appreciable difference in our business – in our bottom-line results, in our focus on doing what we have to do, being accountable to one another and getting the job done.”

Bill Malone, Director of Pro Plaster


To achieve the outlined objectives, a comprehensive implementation plan was set in motion:

Regular Meetings – Regular meeting schedules were implemented to improve accountability and alignment within the team. These meetings provided a platform for open communication and tracking progress toward set targets.

One-Page Strategic Plan – The company adopted the Scaling Up one-page strategic plan to enhance clarity and visibility regarding key aspects of their business strategy. This concise yet comprehensive document served as a guiding roadmap for all stakeholders.

Ninox Group’s Guidance and Coaching – The Ninox Group played a pivotal role in guiding Pro Plaster Products throughout the program. They facilitated the monthly and quarterly meetings and their experienced consultants provided valuable insights, coaching, and strategic direction that significantly contributed to driving positive outcomes.

“Ninox is very accountable in terms of what they say they’re going to deliver and what they deliver. And  that’s probably been the best thing, and hence why we’ve decided to continue the consultancy with one of our other businesses. At the end of the day, it’s like a rugby league game. It’s the person with the most points on board that wins, and Ninox certainly helped us to get up there. So very impressed with them.”

Perry Richardson, Managing Director of Pro Plaster


Pro Plaster Products embraced the scaling-up methodology and diligently adopted the recommended practices and disciplines. The outcomes were transformative: 

Heightened Accountability and Focus

The noticeable increase in accountability and a heightened focus on delivering results created a positive shift in organisational culture and contributed to greater efficiency and effectiveness in their day-to-day operations

Positive Bottom-Line Results

The implementation of the scaling-up program yielded tangible benefits for Pro Plaster Products. Their bottom-line results showed significant improvement, and the company experienced improved financial performance.

Sustainable Business Culture

The principles and practices from the
Scaling Up program became ingrained in the company's culture, ensuring the continuation of the positive impact on their operations.


By implementing the Scaling Up principles and working in close partnership with experienced business consultants from The Ninox Group, Pro Plaster Products successfully optimised their business operations, resulting in increased efficiency and improved overall performance and bottom-line.

The Scaling Up program brought clarity to the company’s objectives and streamlined their efforts towards achieving them, creating a more goal-oriented and driven workplace.

The collaboration with The Ninox Group proved instrumental in Pro Plaster Products’ growth and future success. 


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