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The Ninox Group, consulting services company, is a dedicated team of experienced business management consultants who have dedicated their working careers to train, support and promote their client's businesses.

Our philosophy and ardent focus is to advance business through proven strategic business advice, benchmark best practice and principles that deliver meaningful purpose.

We Are Strategists

Fundamentally, we are strategists. However, even the best strategy is nothing without the implementation of a clear execution plan. This is why at Ninox Group, we are dedicated to outcomes that deliver results.

As the statesman Václav Havel once said, "Vision is not enough, it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs.”

We Are Accountable

Accountability is at the heart of all of our actions. We believe that success comes from accountable plans carried out by accountable people. The team at Ninox Group is committed to their actions, dedicated to their cause and accountable for every opportunity that can enable rewarding and lasting outcomes for our clients.

Bernard O’Brien

Bernard O'Brien is one of Australia's leading business strategists with a wealth of experience in guiding leadership teams and developing scalable models for organisational growth.

Bernard's primary passion sees him coaching, mentoring & scaling up business entities that are motivated towards realistic and sustainable expansion.

As a sought after authority in business scalability, Bernard spends his time across various different engagements including one-to-one coaching, coaching and empowering teams, and delivering material at conferences and events.

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