1 or 2 Day Strategic Planning Workshop

What We Offer

One of our most sort after initiatives is the Ninox Group 1 or 2 Day Strategic Planning Workshops. These workshops are custom designed to suit the client’s needs and are crafted to address issues that may be preventing the business from exceptional growth. Strategic Planning Workshops are typically held with business owners, company executives, and top-line managers.

What your business will gain

Clients that engage Ninox Group for Planning Workshops expect to be challenged, motivated and directed towards an entirely fresh approach to their business and commercial perspective.


1 or 2 Day Strategic Planning Workshops sometimes extend to three day events when companies choose to host the event ‘off-site’ and incorporate other team building or leisure activities into the program.

Why Choose Strategic Planning?

What many companies call ‘strategy’ is actually just a term for the ‘what’, and the ‘how’. Sometimes they go as far as to define the ‘who’ and the ‘when’. However, advanced business strategists, those strategy masters that make changes that the world hears about, start with the ‘why’. At Ninox Group we start with the ‘why’. Why? Because we think our clients should be masters too.

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